Redshape - Throw in Dirt

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  • Redshape sounds unusually unhinged on his first EP for Martyn's 3024 label. It's not a question of tempo: both cuts here stick to a housey skip at 120 BPM; "Throw in Dirt," particularly, sashays along almost lazily, with swung toms and hi-hats giving it an insouciant little wiggle. Above that, though, all hell threatens to break loose, as a hair-raising vocal loop teeters on the brink between "soulful" and "mental." A minor-key synth melody contributes to the sinister air of this deep-house-gone-EBM monster, while crisp, staccato percussive phrases stir the boiling pot. "The Land" is more restrained, with bluesy vocal samples over a gravelly clavinet bass; beneath the relaxed surface, though, minor-key synths again add a distinct sense of menace. A record for those who like their house music cozy but not coddling.
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      A Throw In Dirt B The Land