Nax_Acid - Marilia

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  • If there's one thing that's clear about Andrea Ruffino (AKA Nax_Acid), it's that he's incredibly careful, both with his A&R and his productions. "5 October 1971," for instance, is nothing but details. "Barely there" would be the best way to describe it. As if recorded on a sea floor-situated microphone, it's all gentle yet hugely amplified metallic scrapes, trails of static and immense, ponderous movements of bass. Immersive, to say the least. You might find yourself listening hard to hear something, even though you don't know what that thing is. "Chondrite H4"—a collaboration with Claudio PRC—kicks off next, and with an immediate beat, sounds like a slick continuation. The term "headfuck" has sometimes been applied to this kind of music, a tag which seems particularly relevant in light of the faint emergency sirens audible at both ends. They're a distinct city noise, when every other slice of painstakingly manufactured ambience points elsewhere; a kind of mental wrong-footing. On the B-side, "Marília" is much more locomotive, sounding like something Prologue might put out. Underpinned by rapid, skipping hi-hats, this time Ruffino's dreary sounds gather like roiling clouds of smoke, sometimes joining forces or drifting right through one another.
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      A1 5 October 1971 A2 Chondrite H4 feat. Claudio PRC B Marília