Soulade & Loraine - Lucid Moments

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  • Since launching back in 2009, Vitalik have consistently impressed by championing gritty-ish deep house. This trend continues with their latest offering, but with arguably more thought and greater depth than ever before. Label regular Soulade contributes one original track, "On the Side," which Loraine strips to its very barest elements before rebuilding the delicate shell from scratch. His Vitalbit mix is a spectral, whisper of a track, devoid of anything more than a few transient wisps of vapour, while for his remix proper Loraine adds a thumping kick, a vaguely urgent handful of percussion and very little else. Loraine's original contribution on the package is "Wish You Were," a darkly melodic piece that sounds like the cloyingly warm breath of some cave-dwelling behemoth, peacefully slumbering in its subterranean lair and stirring intermittently to rasp its whiskers against the stony walls. Soulade both reconstructs and deconstructs this absorbing piece. The reconstruction adds crackling flashes of jagged lightning and an end-of-days bass wobble, while the latter replaces the kick with a languid percussive break, allowing you to focus on the darkening skies above.
  • Tracklist
      01. On The Side (Paul Loraine Vitalbit) 02. On The Side (Paul Loraine Remix) 03. Wish You Were (Soulade Reconstruction) 04. Wish You Were 05. Wish You Were (Soulade Deconstruction)