ZZT - Work Remixes II

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  • In its original form, ZZT's "Work" is, title aside, not all that difficult to get moving to: like something Marcus Mixx might have cranked out if he'd had a laptop back in the day, it's a positively no-frills party tune. With one remix from the duo Nautiluss in the can, Turbo gives us three more from label associates Gingy & Bordello, the Advent & Spiriakos and, somewhat unexpectedly, Berghain resident Norman Nodge. If you found yourself capable of denying ZZT's pleasures before, your asceticism is likely to run into a serious roadblock. Those qualities which Philip Sherburne described "as subtle as nails on a chalkboard" were obviously what appealed to Gingy & Bordello: squelchy, grinding and filthy, their remix makes for an even more debauched evening than the original. Yet there's something weirdly pleasant about stripping something so unsubtle of every last vestige of subtlety, as if we've reached some new level of banger intimacy. The Advent & Spiriakos also go big, but their pounding remix is pitched to larger, less dingy rooms, making for a more straightforwardly techno creation. Nodge's rework is, not surprisingly, the pure-class version, with deeply considered drum programming and a lengthy reverb tail on the hook. It's fairly obvious which version of "Work" is, objectively speaking, the finest production, but there's something to be said for the tawdriness of Gingy & Bordello's iteration.
  • Tracklist
      A Work (The Advent & Spiriakos Remix) B1 Work (Gingy & Bordello Remix) B2 Work (Norman Nodge Remix)