Preditah - Circles

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  • Even with labels like Butterz and Logan Sama's rejuvenated Earth616, London's grime scene still feels a bit like a shambles. Maybe that's why Preditah, one of the genre's most exciting producers, doesn't get much coverage, well, anywhere. He should. Take "Air Waves." It's got the grubby basslines and synth horns that you'd expect from any producer who cuts close to the traditional grime line. But unlike the lovable chintziness of other producers, Preditah's track is embellished with gut-wrenching bass and full-throated synths. The title track takes a filtered sample and throws a jerky frenetic beat on top, halfway between J Sweet and Joker. The release is rounded off with two VIPs: "Gargoyle" goes all the way with the horror movie motifs—sweeping strings and ominous brass—and "Woah" takes a slinkier, almost Funky-esque slant, with cool chords and jazzy accents. There's an uncommon amount of space in Preditah's tracks, an inversion of grime's usual pressure-cooker claustrophobia, and it means that he sounds bigger and meaner than some of his contemporaries. So while he might not be throwing in video game interpolations or electric guitar solos into his grime, Preditah's latest shows that there's a whole lot of life and innovation left in the old style as well.
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      A1 Circles A2 Woah VIP B1 Gargoyle VIP B2 Air Waves