Zod - Rise Before Zod

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  • Crosstown Rebels sibling Rebellion has probably slipped under the radar of many since it started at the end of 2010. Up to now its releases have been relatively inconspicuous and not as self-consciously chic as that of its older sister. Nonetheless, this release from Zod—the new project joining Damian Lazarus with James What—could be the one that brings it to a whole new level. There's a feeling of decadent disorientation running through the three versions, as though it'd be an ideal soundtrack to an afternoon in an opium den. The original is sparse tribal warehouse tackle, interspersed with eponymous spoken word and off-kilter wobbling, each of which add to the growing momentum. Shadow Dancer's remix, meanwhile, is a little crisper—and more obvious—but still has funk to spare. The pick of the bunch is Acid Pauli's remix, which wobbles and cuts through a druggy fug and slows time down so much that dancing no longer becomes a concern.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Rise Before Zod A2 Rise Before Zod (Shadow Dancer Remix) B Rise Before Zod (Acid Pauli Things That Fly Fly Remix)