Praslesh - Out Of Time

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  • Praslesh, a combination of Praslea and Raresh, take the reins for the second release on Understand, and if you're looking for a frame of reference, those two names will point you in the right direction. [a:rpia:r]/Romanian microhouse/limited vinyl-only? Yep, yep and yep. This is the first production Raresh has been involved with since 2007 and it looks like he has learned his lesson; his last track, "Dry Tool," rather generously sampled a Thomas Brinkman production without an accompanying credit. Here, the sample used is acknowledged. Rightly so, too, as "Blitz Bits" is a club-friendly reworking of Megablast's "UFO in Brazil." A minimal roller by nature, the eleven-and-a-half minute effort doesn't seem to change much but rather relies on intricate percussion and recurring vocal echoes to keep things going. On the other side we find "Teamtime" and "Ambitime," two tracks built out of the same elements. "Ambitime" comes across a little half-baked; the ideas and sounds are good but the composition and arrangement leave a lot to be desired. Things pick up on "Teamtime." Opening with crisp drums and reverb-heavy synth washes, the clicky offbeat kick lures the listener into a false sense of security for a whole three minutes before its bigger, fatter brother comes in and makes his 4/4 point. The cymbals intensify, a piano stabs wildly in the dark and before you know it the whole thing has subsided back into its wobbly rhythm.
  • Tracklist
      A Blitz Bitz B1 Teamtime B2 Ambitime