Brandt Brauer Frick - Mr. Machine (The Remixes)

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  • Lifting two tracks from Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble's October album, Mr. Machine – The Remixes offers up three new versions. The first comes from Soul Clap, who wear baseball caps, rejig old disco records and generally perform in grungy basements or sun-drenched beaches. On paper, the duo wouldn't seem the most logical match for BBFE, who wear suits, know their way around classical instruments and frequent concert halls. Their take on "Pretend" works surprisingly well, however. Doing away with the original's tense mood, this version ends up a vaguely '80s-inspired sunset jam. It's helmed by smooth chords, which coast along at the same pitch, only rising every so often. Interludes occasionally break the flow of these original-sounding sections, with BBFE's instrumentation―one-handed piano repetitions, screeching violin and slow-rising grumbles of tuba―edging their way in. Horror Inc. (AKA Akufen) is up next, remixing "Mi Corazon." Slimming the original's elephantine, swaying cadence to a woody, clockwork-like trot, he shows himself to be a complete master of interplay. Weaving misty horns and niggling piano tightly together, he's created something which feels more focussed and confident than the original. Though not quite as accomplished, Dollkraut's take on the same track may be the most interesting piece here. Mixing sustained Hammond chords and foreboding tuba with metronomic slices of the original, this version is much jauntier.
  • Tracklist
      A Pretend (Soul Clap Remix) B1 Mi Corazon (Horror Inc. Echoes Of My Love Remix) B2 Mi Corazon (Dollkraut's Rework)