Sable Sheep - Painting My Fur

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  • Layer enough drums doing enough things and you achieve velocity. The three tracks on German producer Sable Sheep's debut EP (Beatport has an extra, fourth cut) have a friskiness that comes about in part from their buoyantly placed samples and instruments. But most of it is due to the drums—sometimes subtly, sometimes in ways that are right out front. "Crayon" pursues the latter tendency. The spine of the track is a slightly forceful house pulse decorated with bubbling percussion, but it's decorated profusely with cut-and-pasted drum rolls, drum fills, drum clonks, and drum breakdowns from all sorts of sources, giving it a sonic variety too often missing from your standard tech house roller. Midway through the track, the central beat disappears, but we feel its ghost-presence anyway. It isn't breakbeat science in the old drum & bass sense, but it calls to the limbs to do their own thing in a really appealing way. "Painting My Fur" and "Muffin" each get their punch from nudging bass pulses; on the former, a warbling synth line crawls out of the speakers and sweeps across the dance floor. It's very satisfying. But you can still hear both as buoyant drum exercises. Your feet might, anyway.
  • Tracklist
      A Painting My Fur B1 Crayon B2 Muffin