Omar-S and Ob Ignitt - Wayne County Hill Cop's (Part 2)

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  • So who exactly is Ob Ignitt? And where was Part 1 of this release? While these are perfectly reasonable questions to ask when presented with Wayne County Hill Cop's [sic] (Part.2), the latest from Omar-S and his mysterious co-producer, it feels a bit silly digging into the minutiae of a release that asks so little of us in return. Like "Here's Your Trance, Now Dance!!," Alex O. Smith's smash from last year, "Wayne County Hill Cop's" doesn't concern itself with too much other than getting your feet moving. To be certain, Omar-S has once again tapped into "Trance"'s winning formula: both the raw original mix and the slightly more delicate "Omar S Mix" on the flip (emphasis on "slightly") feature a shimmering electro melody absolutely befitting the appropriated Beverly Hills Cop poster art on the label. It's the sort of vintage synth line that honestly couldn't get any catchier, backed up by equally hummable bass and drum programming perfectly calibrated to get you stepping just so. Smith and Ignitt (whoever he may be, and whatever role he may have fulfilled here, given the supreme Omar-S-ness of the proceedings) have given us two sides of dance music that are nearly impossible to argue with. As one of those aforementioned fanboys, though, I do wonder if we'll ever see Smith release a single as nuanced and ambitious as "Psychotic Photosynthesis," which wasn't exactly short on mania-inducing qualities. But in the heat of the moment, as that buzzy synth starts to percolate, any quibble you might have is likely to be pretty far from your mind.
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      A Wayne County Hill Cop's B Wayne County Hill Cop's (Omar-S Mix)