Lee Holman - 3rd Kawl

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  • For three EPs now, Lee Holman has used his Kawl label to disseminate both his own exercises in techno austerity and the remixes of likeminded producers. By "austere," I only mean trimmed of all excess elements, for there's something luxuriously supple about Holman's sound design: if you know where to listen, there are plenty of colorful details at work in his tracks, suggesting the building blocks were shaped by laser, not hacksaw. "Kawl 3.0," named in accordance with project specifications, has the ticking rhythm and electric buzz that Sigha has been staking out for himself of late, but Holman's melodic content feels more vital to the track than it does in much contemporary techno. There's a similar purpose to the dub zaps on "Kawl 3.1," which sound like the aftershock of Holman's barely-in-control snares rather than something tacked on. Beginning as the quietest track of the bunch, "Kawl 3.2" grows into the collection's most obvious party-starter, with a wobbly kick drum testing the sturdiness of the framework. There's something almost funny about Roman Lindau, a likeminded techno minimalist, remixing music that requires very little alteration to be brought into his corner. Still, Lindau finds his angle, rejiggering the subtle melody of "Kawl 3.2" for added menace and uncertainty. It'd be interesting in hearing what someone completely out-of-the-box might have done with the track, but Lindau's remix should give techno purists one more solid option in a package they're likely to already lap up anyway.
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      A1 Kawl 3.0 A2 Kawl 3.1 B1 Kawl 3.2 B2 Kawl 3.2 (Roman Lindau Remix)