Tessela - D Jane

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  • Punch Drunk has been on a roll with unearthing new talent lately, with stellar efforts from Kahn, Andy Mac and Zhou defining its output last year. Peverelist's esteemed label starts off 2012 with a debut turn from Tessela, a producer whose only previous EP was a sluggish, downtrodden release for All City last year. Thankfully, in accordance with Punch Drunk standards, the A-side he's given here is a real stunner, the kind of track that grabs hold and refuses to let go. "D Jane" bears some resemblance to early Blawan material like "Fram" in its chaotic kitchen-sink percussion approach, but Tessela's drums feel like they're glued together. When the drop hits, the drums are welded to the muted bass notes, lending the whole thing a tight-knit feel and monochrome pallor. B-side "Channel" is a little skippier, betraying the same adventurous rhythmic slant, and its churning turbulent bassline and rasping vocal sample sound more than a little like Pangaea's grimed-up junglist missives last year. This single shows Tessela improving after a rather unremarkable debut, standing capably next to some rather well-known names in bass music.
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      A D Jane B Channel