Shlohmo - Vacation EP

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  • Shlohmo is nothing if not prolific. Late last year came the youngster's second full-length, but already he's back on current home Friends of Friends with a new three tracker. The Vacation sees his splintered, shattered sonic palette continue to evolve away from shiny and abstract hip-hop-isms toward more humid climes. The results are less dense and easier to love than arguably any of his output thus far. "The Way You Do" immediately paints a sombre picture with a roughshod riff, rainy day melancholia and stretched out, long suffering vocal wail all tugging on each and every heartstring from start to finish. "wen uuu" feels less sorry for itself. The characteristic watery drips remain, however, and there's something of a thousand yard stare feel to the voice that echoes between the metalized perc pings and staggering drums. Final offering "Rained the Whole Time" has a multitude of tiny glassy tinkles rippling up its middle, but despite their deft design, the lazy blues guitar crying beneath is what stays with you longest; its wilted strums sound like the final acceptance of a certain undesirable fate.
  • Tracklist
      01. The Way U Do 02. wen uuu 03. Rained the Whole Time