H-Foundation - Environments

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  • An eagerly awaited debut album this, for H-Foundation have built quite a reputation for themselves, but if anyone was expecting to hear twelve tracks of West Coast house prepare to think again. Sure Hipp-E and Halo know how to turn in a good Western groove, and 'Tonight' is a classy vocal example with a solid four to the floor backing. The boys also funk out in the ambience of 'Soul Searchin'' before unwinding with the chilled house of 'Nature' and 'Doo Ya!', easy on the ears late night listening. Whilst they do house well there's a less successful freestyle intro which is a bit unnecessary, a winning combination of house and dub in 'Passage Of Time' and the wonderfully lush down tempo 'Scenario', a smokers' paradise recalling the Orb in their heyday. In fact the whole album is smoky, evocative late night listening that's well put together and unwinds at an easy pace. A promising start. Environments Tracklisting: 01. Environments 02. Sol Searchin' 03. Tonight 04. Nature 05. Doo Ya! 06. Scenerio 07. Feelin' 08. Broken Arrow 09. New Funk Theory 10. So Fine 11. Passage Of Time 12. Slayin' The Dragon