The Mole - Love Is the Way

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  • The Mole knows exactly what to chuck into the pot, when to stir it around and how long to allow it to simmer in order for each flavour to properly melt into the next. And though the rugged results take time, they are longer-lasting and more deeply satisfying. "Love Is the Way" starts off with a crackly, part-tuned pop song playing on an old wireless radio from the room next door. That ends, and you're dumped on a wide-open African plane with a distant cacophony of flapping wings, cooing birds and circling helicopter blades... it's paranoid and cinematic, eventually growing into a tight and minimal house groove a world away from where it started. "Hippy Parade" is more traditional, with trudging, scuffed kicks shrouded in a misty melancholia. "Breathing" loops the sound of someone aspirating uneasily in your ear for 66 seconds: weirdly enough, you feel it ends too soon. "Stuck in Numbers" is a more brittle and gaunt offering of scattered samples and eerie otherworldly suggestion that isn't as essential as the tracks before, and actually pales into insignificance as soon as the final track, "Momoments" gets underway. It's a slowed and soulful beatdown swagger that rattles and jangles like a herd of passing alpine cows. In so deftly pinning distant gauzy vox, odd modulated blobs and tinkling tambourines to the laziest of bottom ends, it ends up being the most irresistible concoction of all.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Love Is The Way A2 Breathing A3 Hippy Parade B1 More Of Those Moments B2 Stuck In Numbers