Matthew Dekay and Lee Burridge - Fur Die Liebe

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  • Do you like strings? If so, you're really going to like Matthew Dekay and Lee Burridge, at least for the nine or so minutes you're listening to "Für Die Liebe," the second outing on their All Day I Dream imprint. It takes inspiration from Burridge's 2011 All Day I Dream of Her, a mix that he says is "by far the best I've ever made." Kicking off with crisp, clicking hats and a no-nonsense low end, it's not immediately clear where the common ground between the mix and the track lies, but this becomes increasingly transparent with the addition of choral clouds of vocals. Rich strains of bowed strings then creep into the picture, scattering the sky with warming arches of colour as the rest of the track thunders beneath. According to Lee, "Für Die Liebe" brought tens of desert-ravers—himself included—to tears at last year's Burning Man, and while there may well have been other forces that led to that particular outpouring of saltiness, it's certainly an emotional and engaging piece. If you don't like strings? Fear not; they've also included a Dub which, while not dispensing with the instruments entirely, does rein them in significantly, allowing nothing more than a hushed pulse to brush over what are significantly firmed up beats.
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      A Fur Die Liebe B Fur Die Liebe (Dub)