Peverelist - Salt Water

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  • Released on his new(ish) vinyl-only Livity Sound imprint, "Salt Water" is vintage Peverelist updated for 2012, staggering by on a supremely lopsided kick drum as dubby chords ping-pong across the stereo spectrum—appropriate for someone who named their first label "Punch Drunk." Where Peverelist's efforts last year brought in jungle and even early UK hardcore into his consummately stony dub sound, here he plays with dub techno, turning the billowing chords into taut globs of monochrome. On the other hand, "Erosions" is so swung it can't even stand up. Reduced to a level of airlessness that's extreme even for the man who made "Clunk Click Every Trip," this track shares that tune's smokescreened meandering, all held down by a thundering sub that you can't really hear but sure as hell feel in your chest. Pev's gone a little bit techno here, but it's wrapped in so many layers of dub reverence that it still sounds exactly like Peverelist anyway.
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      A Salt Water B Erosions