Freak Seven - We Bring the Music

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  • Manchester's Freak Seven has been around for some time, yet his dense and aggressive outing on Rush Hour last year was the one that seemed to finally turn heads. This debut on Leeds' 2020Vision mines a similar vein: anthemic, overpowering, intense and relentless. Made from a rusted, splintered palette of sound, it meshes brash percussion with snappy drums and pinging cowbells while interlacing the foreboding echo of a male voice that seems to beam down from stormy clouds above. The final third eases up slightly, with an icy melodic hook piercing through as radiant pads levitate the whole thing to a slightly higher plane. If you need to re-arrest your drifting crowd, this is the one. Replacing the pointy edges and scatty lines of the original, Freerange boss Jimpster favours much smoother contours for his two remixes. The unrelated dub one comes first and is, as you'd expect, liquid and lateral, with soft shakers and softer synths bleeding out to an imagined horizon. The second remix is that bit more urgent, with distant acid imperfections, a jacked up but still dubbed out beat and sinewy synth sounds forming a seductive solvent into which the soulfully re-worked vocal delightfully melts.
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      A We Bring The Music B1 We Bring The Music (Jimpster Dub) B2 We Bring The Music (Jimpster Remix)