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  • Objekt has never been exactly mild-mannered; flitting between techno and garage, his releases so far have balanced slinky cadences with a grim intensity. Even at its most ecstatic, like "CLK Recovery," his music has an ominous cast, conjuring characters you'd cross the street to avoid. "Cactus" is his meanest cut yet, with bone-cracking drums and a corrosive FM bass wobble. It feels like a wasteland inside the track's contours, with just a skeleton of a garage rhythm holding together the evil, gelatinous low end. Gobbling up everything in its path—even cannibalizing its own appendages—"Cactus" is as malevolently hungry as the carnivorous house plant in Little Shop of Horrors. "Porcupine" is hammered home with diamond-hard drums arrayed in a shuddering, stuttering electro cadence; it sounds a little like Aphex Twin re-imagined for Berghain. For a producer only on his third release, Objekt's sound design is awesome to behold, from the shape and force of his drums to the sumptuousness of his synthesizers. On "Porcupine," the synths are in constant motion, morphing and flickering, and there's a melodic bass passage that might take your breath away, made all the more powerful by the fact that it only happens once. Even within a single song, Objekt appears intent upon not repeating himself.
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      A Cactus B Porcupine