People Get Real - Kavachi Remixes

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  • Based in London but run by two Frenchmen, the three year-old Métis Recordings imprint is releasing some pretty interesting stuff at the moment. Most recently, there were two tuneful records by Najem Sworb, and one last December from British duo People Get Real. Though they have few releases thus far, PGR's sound is a familiar one, mixing live-sounding instrumentation and synths in a similar manner to 20:20 Soundsystem, or more recently, Of Norway. The group's material also proves useful for remixing on Métis 008. Manchester artist The Countach is up first, reworking the slippery, drum-kit-heavy groover "Kavachi." His principal changes involve sharpening some of the hazier edges and attaching a thrumming low end. The latter moves patiently through a number of pitches, holding each for a while before moving on abruptly. The result is a kind of EBM/electro hybrid, with the original's heavy-handed drum fills and rattling bleeps remaining. Again the structure is very song-like, seemingly begging for the addition of Liaisons Dangereuses or Nitzer Ebb-style vocals. Label boss Catalepsia provides the second remix, this time revisiting "Mariana." His version toughens up the wandering original, introducing a powerful, tribalistic beat. Melodically, it's also much more assertive, gluing pitch-bending plucks and eerie wails all over the place. As with previous tracks from Métis, it's far from conventional; reason enough for respect, even if it doesn't quite float your boat.
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      A Kavachi (The Countach's Rotor Reconstruction) B Mariana (Catalepsia Extended Rework)