Nyra - Best Of

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  • First impressions are all important. How, then, are we to assume Never Learnt wants to be perceived going off the back of its first release? As a no-nonsense outlet for firm, fad-free house, that's how. Rising Sheffield producer and Downlo promoter Nyra supplies the sounds, but Cian Frawley and Dean Muhsin are the men behind this all-new label. "Best Of" opens its account with a solid train-track house groove built from only the sparest of elements. Aside from its incessant percussive slices, a wubbing sub bass and thick melodic tones race alongside rubbery kicks for six minutes of deliciously locked-in pleasure. Irresistible grooves are clearly Nyra's preoccupation, as he constructs two more in the form of "Funf" and "Nam Pla," again with an economical and efficient use of sound. The former is characterised by snapping snares and a spiralling background synth, where the latter is thicker and more tribal. Take your pick though: All three come over devoid of any temporal or stylistic markers, instead relying on warmth and repetition to win you over.
  • Tracklist
      A Funf B1 Best Of B2 Nam Pla