Pierre LX - Reworks

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  • Remix packages often stand or fall on the quality—and reputation—of its participants. This one has the quality firmly in place, but only offers low-key results overall. Big Strick's remix of "Hypothesis" is a nice functional mixing tool. It's an uncomplicated piece of work with a repetitive vocal sample that'll sound great hovering over something a little more sophisticated. The two cuts of "Olympia" are both understated, but MLZ's dub manages to cram a lot more in than Brun's. There's a respiratory feel to MLZ's, it undulates nicely and never threatens to get ahead of itself. Brun's remix is uneventful by comparison, and although its atmosphere isn't sacrificed, its lack of sonic adventure is evident. The Enola mix of "Winter Light" goes out on a limb compared to the other cuts. It's a crisp piece of work and aptly named, but its introspection isn't altogether compelling.
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      01. Hypothesis (Big Strick Remix) 02. Olympia (MLZ Last Dub Excursion) 03. Olympia (Brun Of Swayzak's Springer Mix) 04. Winter Light (Enola Mix)