Phase - Binary Opposition

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  • It's amazing how a small change in composition can have a huge impact. In the case of Ashley Burchett's latest 12-inch, it's using bass to fill in the spaces between the beats; an idea which seems to have lost favour in this Berghain-dominated climate. Both sides of Binary Opposition stuff the gaps with thick, pulsating patches. In the case of "Process 1," this means it's still able to race along, despite the complete absence of percussion early on. It also feels like an impending stampede. Further on, the Englishman eases in tissue-thin cymbals and a wiry, incredibly repetitious melody (a good thing, in this case). All said and done, it feels like a slightly more melodic version of Speedy J's "Armstrong." "Process 2" is even more driving, losing the wiry synth in favour of supernatural atmospherics and a simpler off-beat stabbing. Burchett has been producing for over a decade now, and it shows. Both tracks are relatively simple, but they're so well put together that you may believe otherwise.
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      A Binary Opposition (Process 1) AA Binary Opposition (Process 2)