Chaim - Robots on Meth

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  • Chaim has an uncanny grasp of what makes a dance floor tick, but still has the ability to combine it with a pop sensibility. "Robots On Meth" is the third single from last year's Alive, but frankly in edit form it's only here for reference purposes. For the record, this sees JAW's ennui-laden vocal spliced to a Cure-style bassline and scratchy percussion. It's an unreleased Chaim track, "Levantina," which might just garner the biggest plaudits. Featuring the soft, porcelain-fragile vocals of Tel Aviv producer/DJ/journalist Adi Shabat, it rides along on a jacking rhythm, underpinned by a wobbly synth motif doing battle with evil digital swooshes. Break it down to its constituent parts and there's loads going on—but taken as a whole, this is spacey, dramatic music-making of the highest order. Paris-based David K has been seen in all the right places of late, with productions on Visionquest and Tsuba in the past year. His BenZona remix of "Robots On Meth" is like some fluid, hot-blooded, tech house flamenco, with spattering handclaps and regular bass runs up and down scales. His BubbleMix is an altogether more strident, darkly aggressive affair, an oscillating analogue phrase turning back in on itself like an endless knot, with a smattering of celestial space synths laid over the top.
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      A1 Levantina feat. Adi Shabat A2 Robots On Meth feat. Jaw (Radio Edit) B1 Robots On Meth feat. Jaw (David K BenZona Remix) B2 Robots On Meth feat. Jaw (David K BubbleMix)