Jack Dixon - Knowledge EP

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  • Since emerging on Belgium Silverback Recordings last year, Jack Dixon has been making his presence felt with EPs for quiet tastemakers Man Make Music, Formant and TAKE, as well as splayed remix work ranging from DFRNT to veteran Justin Berkovi. Very much of the ambiguous bass generation, the London-based producer paints from a palette of techno, dubstep and house, which he blends together with emotive subaqueous chords and a signature use of vocals. For Hypercolour sister Losing Suki, Dixon presents four variants of Hotflush-style house, including one of his most catchy tracks to date. The EP opens on a familiar George Fitzgerald note with "Jessica"—melodic luscious keys matched to a chugging bassline and gentle cantering hats—but its successor is the standout here. Taking on more of a swing and song-like quality, "60 Miles" is Dixon at his finest. This is an eyes-closed, slowed-down, sexy slink affair. It's dubstep made with the ladies in mind and easily one of the most seductive genre-amalgams to rise from the bass pool this year. "You Told" switches up a gear into straighter 4/4 house and yet maintains a kind of glazed, casual air that marks the EP on the whole as sedately danceable, to be enjoyed at your own leisure. This is epitomised by the concluding "Ironside," a serene Jack Dixon watercolour awash with dub techno sensibilities.
  • Tracklist
      01. Jessica 02. 60 Miles 03. You Told 04. Ironside