Svreca - Obscur.Final

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  • Svreca's Semantica label enters its sixth year at a moment where techno seems to mean much more than just a four-to-the-floor pulse: with folks like Raime and Blackest Ever Black leading the charge (if you can get away with calling a sound so dejected a "charge"), techno is about as open as it's been in some time, so long as the sound palate doesn't get much more colorful than slate gray. Semantica has similarly advocated a broadness in techno, and Svreca's latest, the deeply collaborative "Obscur," should find a place in many a techno fan's heart right now. Svreca's original has been bouncing around in one form or another since 2010, when an EP of the same name surfaced and remixes from the likes of Marcel Dettmann and Claro Intelecto followed. Silent Servant, whose "El Mar" graced Semantica a few releases back, tries his hand at "Obscur" this time around, and though infused with his signature bounce, his remix doesn't quite pull the original over from the industrial wasteland it calls home. A Regis remix of Svreca's "Utero" also appeared on the original "Obscur" release, and the new "Invisible" mix put forth here frees it of its beat but not its strangeness. Old hand Orphx takes on "Jade," and what results may be the most accomplished inclusion on the release: menacingly full bass presses against sculpted, precision digital sound design for a slightly more straightforward take on Raster-Noton-style beat science; Skirt takes a different approach to "Jade," infusing it with her weirdly beautiful electronic malfunctioning. As for Svreca's originals, they're very much of the moment: "Narratif" pounds with the best of them, and "Post Madrid" lets its techno stomp comingle with post-punk drums, creating a brief moment of hysteria amidst the EP's otherwise pokerfaced offerings.
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      A1 Utero (Regis Invisible mix) A2 Narratif A3 Jade (Orphx remix) B1 Obscur (Silent Servant remix) B2 Jade (Skirt remix) B3 Post Madrid