No Boundaries - Modular Pursuits (Daphni Remixes)

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  • Once upon a time, it would have seemed improbable to find Daniel Snaith remixing a Planet E record. It has only been in the last year or so that Snaith has committed himself to producing club-tailored electronic music (by employing an alias of his own, Daphni); much of what came before has been tempered somewhat by his extensive output as Caribou and Manitoba, guises indebted to a broad collection of rock, prog and psychedelia influences. Though Snaith has never been a stranger to the euphoric sensibilities of dance music (of which "Niobe," from his 2007 album Andorra, is a fine example; the striking "Odessa" from his last Caribou longplayer, Swim, is another), much of his catalogue is a world away from this pair of remixes. A tightly coiled baseline and a stuttering vocal are prominent features of the first remix here, which also retains the spirit (if, wisely, not the range) of the beatless analogue original. On the other side, the Cwejman Dub imports the Clangers whistle (something along the lines of Scratcha DVA's "Natty") from the first remix and smudges the bassline into an insistent, loop-within-a-loop chug. Whatever the differences between the two, it would be remiss of us not to mention the kick on both: you'd be forgiven for applying an onanistic expletive on first listen. That Snaith has taken a rather taciturn set of squelches from this record and assembled a neck-ripper to rival "Ye Ye" might have seemed like an especially absurd irony a while ago, but such is his reputation in 2012 that releases of this quality are no longer a surprise.
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      A Modular Pursuits (Daphni Remix) B Modular Pursuits (Daphni Cwejam Dub)