Boddika and Joy O - Swims

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  • Chances are you've already heard the first known collaboration from Boddika & Joy Orbison, one of last year's undisputed dubplate anthems. You know the one. "Walk for me. Walk for me. Walk for me. Walk for me. SERVE! Walk for me." Silly, obnoxious, deliriously repetitive, and driven by just the right bubbling acid and whole lot of cowbell: what else could you ask for? "Swims" borrows heavily from Tronco Traxx's "Walk for Me," a similarity deep enough to irk purist cynics, lifting part of its vocal refrain relatively unchanged and also sharing in some of its just-so syncopated kick drum. But "Swims" is faster, even more syncopated, and Boddika's suffocating acid bassline quickly steals away the attention, the furthest thing from Tronco Traxx's open-air atmosphere. While the track's vocal sample is its signature, its zero-gravity breakdown is brutal each and every time: floating on a staccato cowbell and nothing else (an alternate mix pads it with a catchy little chord progression), the track somehow rebuilds itself—vocal, kick, snare, hat—before resuming on its jaunty little path home. The original version carries the same snarling analogue outlook of Boddika's recent work while the alternate, chord-heavy mix sounds a little more like Joy O's Wade In single on Hotflush last year, but whatever your preferred flavour, you're bound to have some fun with "Swims"—it still sounds every bit as fun and ridiculous as it did last summer.
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      A Swims (Mix 1) B Swims (Mix 2)