The Scene - The Scene

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  • If you want to add "legitimacy" and "history" to your house music, reference Chicago or Detroit. In this case, Tim Schumacher and Aaron David have adopted the guise of The Scene, a nod to a legendary Detroit TV show of the same name that showcased local musical talent. They even go so far to sample vocal clips from the show to add that special Dee magic to their music. Thankfully, this pastiche is a successful one. The opener, "Feist Movement" is a club-friendly workout with obligatory soulful male vocal samples. Rolling along, the groovy bassline complements the low synth melody nicely as percussive flicks and licks keep things going. The three remaining tracks opt for a deeper vibe, and are better off for it. Of note, "Know Me," with its melancholy horn and lonesome vocal, pulls at the heartstrings while still being rhythmic enough to be danceable. Similarly, the swung garage beat on "Lab" carries the warm pads and strings as they fade from one minor chord to another.
  • Tracklist
      A1 The Scene feat. Niki - Feist Movement A2 The Scene - Know Me B1 The Scene feat. Franz B2. Werner - Lab B3 The Scene - Seek B4 Unknown Artist - Terpsiton Outro