Raime - Hennail

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  • With Hennail, Raime prove that their attention to detail has been further refined over the past year, even though the approach hasn't otherwise changed since their first records launched Blackest Ever Black in late 2010. "Told & Collapsed" features a slowly tumbling bass riff that would seem almost funky if it wasn't surrounded by the duo's trademark sound devices. There's that skipping percussion, those darkened pools of reverb and, of course, the synth swells that moan, distort and otherwise provide a gloomy horror-flick vibe. All that tension builds until an angry vocal shouts out near the end of the track. For Blackest Ever Black, a young label that already boasts a fair share of uniquely climactic moments, this one certainly ranks among the most triumphant. "You Will Lift Your Frame Clear" on the B-side is a slightly smoother journey with similar instrumental fare; its release (if you can call it that) ultimately comes in the form of a collection of harmonized lower-end tones. Overall, the two tracks and twelve minutes might feel too short for fans who at this point would crave a proper full-length, but both "Told & Collapsed" and "You Will Lift Your Frame Clear" are enthralling soundscapes that brim with even more texture than Raime's prior works.
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      A Told & Collapsed B You Will Lift Your Frame Clear