Bell Towers - Scavengers

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  • Rohan Bell-Towers has had these two tracks up his sleeve since at least 2009. That they've been dormant for a couple of years doesn't really matter; they'd sound just at home in 1990 as they would now. Neither are indebted to Chicago; they are Chicago. Big, bassline-driven house with gaudy bits of rapture woven in. "Scavengers" goes heavier on the rapture than its partner, layering 8-bit chirps, staccato bells and flurries of rim shots onto its grumbling low end. "Private Time" lowers the tempo and turns down the lights, getting even fatter and funkier. When only the bass and percs are playing, it also sounds uncannily like "Coma Cat," mostly due to a tinging triangle. The rapture isn't totally missing, however. This time it comes in the form of tinny strings, which slide into the gaps between the huge low-end throb. Apparently, this is the Australian's debut. Let's hope the next one doesn't take two years as well.
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      A Private Time (Dub) B Scavengers
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