Jacques Renault - Party Breaks #6

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  • On The Prowl co-founder Jacques Renault, one-half of Runaway, assumes the helm for the sixth edition of the label's Party Breaks series of edits. In keeping with the spirit of the series, these are unpretentious offerings, more about the intimacy and immediacy of a basement party than exercises in cleverness or trainspotting. Rough edges abound, from the occasional crackle of the source vinyl to chords that warble like a record being nudged ahead in the mix. "Machines" and "Try My Love" are modest affairs, carefully drawing out well-worn disco breaks and vocals into deliriously woozy funk fests; "Pierre Does Best" pays homage to DJ Pierre's Strictly Rhythm reign with shuffling 909 snares and tin-can saxophone. The opening "Searching for Some Real Love" is less an edit, strictly speaking, than a historical role-playing game, asking what might have happened had a certain #1 R&B single from 1992 been given an earthshaking rave remix. Staying in character throughout, it creates a thrilling and twisted sense of déjà vu.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Searching for Some Real Love (Jacques Renault Edit) A2 Pierre Does Best (Jacques Renault Edit) B1 Machines (Jacques Renault Edit) B2 Try My Love (Jacques Renault Edit)