Xosar - Tropical Cruize EP

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  • If this really is Xosar's debut release, I'm looking forward to many more. The chords are warm, the beats come in and out of focus at exactly the right moments and a science-fiction ambience—mixed with touches of HP Lovecraft—dominates. There are obvious Detroit influences stamped all over this release, particularly "Tropical Cruize," but there's much more to occupy the mind here than simply second-guessing concepts and elements. Having said that I can't help myself. "Voodoo Castle" reminds me a little of Gary Martin and his work as Teknotica in spirit and delivery. There's a sense of the burlesque and retro, as well as the sinister and seedy. The keys on "Xephyr," meanwhile, are reminiscent of Drexciya, but there's a bleakness that comes from somewhere else entirely. Ron Morelli's L.I.E.S. has matured quite nicely this year with some stunning releases, add the poetically unpredictable Tropical Cruize to the growing pile.
  • Tracklist
      A1 Tropical Cruize A2 Voodoo Castle B Xephyr