Steven Boardman & Dave Congreve - Your Sun

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  • "Your Sun" wears its influences proudly on its sleeve, and then some. It's got the stamp of Derrick Carter all over it, from the lazy, nasal vocal snippets through to the percussive momentum that propels it along. The whole track winds its way through a wormhole of wobbly synths and elastic weirdness, giving the impression that one is listening to a Jew's harp on crack. Under the circumstances it's probably not too surprising that Carter's Classic co-founder Luke Solomon is drafted in to remix, and while his version out boompty's the original, it lacks its flow. The dub redresses the balance somewhat, but goes deeper. Something similar in objective seems to be afoot with Inxec & Matt Tolfrey's two contributions although they are very different conceptually. If anyone hasn't coined the term "Mogadon filter" yet, then maybe it's time to: These versions, particularly the "SPF100 Mix" are out there in terms of disco clarification. An interesting piece of work from one-time Andrew Weatherall co-producer Steven Boardman and unsung DJ hero Dave Congreve, which has its dancing shoes on from start to finish, even if the dance is occasionally abstract and surreal.
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      01. Your Sun 02. Your Sun (Luke Solomon's Remix - My Sun version) 03. Your Sun (Luke Solomon's Remix Dub) 04. Your Sun (Inxec & Matt Tolfrey's Coconut Butter mix) 05. Your Sun (Inxec & Matt Tolfrey's SPF100 mix)