Ryan Elliott - Kicking Up

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  • Before Ostgut Ton came a-calling, Ryan Elliott was just your average auto industry suit spending the better part of his free time on international flights to whichever far-flung afterparty required his services. Now, of course, Elliott resides in Berlin and does techno full-time. Elliott has been synonymous with Spectral Sound for so long (he's their A&R man on the ground in Berlin) that it comes as a bit of a shock that "Kicking Up" is his first 12-inch for the label, and it should serve his fellow airport-weary techno slaves well. Which is an important point: if "Kicking Up" isn't utterly standout, it's because it's the sort of glue that allows more anthemic tracks to shine in a club set. Elliott's sounds are right on point, with its bass swells especially well-crafted and physical. The remix from the mysterious STABLO is probably more likely to turn heads. Slower and more playfully melodic, it's as if "Kicking Up" was fed psychedelics and released into the forest for a few hours. Still, as the release's black cover and minimalist design touches suggest, these are tracks, and they'll need expert sequencing and a big sound rig to really come into their own.
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      A Kicking Up B Kicking Up (STABLO No. Remix)