Shifted - Telic

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  • Despite accusations of sonic facelessness, with such a stripped back, gimmick-free aesthetic, it's surely hard for Shifted's sonic fingerprint to be that conspicuous. What does mark out the three tracks here, though, is their palpable presence. For example, even though closer "Image-Channel" is basically empty space, the huge and cavernous chambers rumble and echo as if you're really trapped inside them during an ongoing earthquake. "Telic" and "Solus," meanwhile, are the sort of useful techno tools which inevitably get called warm, dark and hypnotic. Heavy, rolling drum loops and salt-shaker ringlets form the spine of the former, with twanged synths bouncing off it at various intervals, often triggering the release of a new percussive loop or filter effect which injects just enough variety to keep you locked without detracting from the underlying mission to get from A to B in the most efficient and economical manner. "Solus" brushes up against scratchier surfaces, but its simple aim is equally similar: To melt your mind with its deep sense of infinity.
  • Tracklist
      A Telic B1 Solus B2 Image//Channel