Lawrence - Kurama

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  • Both of Lawrence's debut Pampa tracks gaze long into the distance and operate on vast horizontal landscapes for their meandering ten-minute durations. They land pretty much fully formed and barely break stride, slowly shapeshifting courtesy of various minimalistic melodies and drifting, ethereal spirits. "Oolong High"'s main feature is drunken, hiccupping synth sounds which tumble up and down in front of long downbeats and slinky hi-hats. As you gradually come under the Dial boss's spell, he wakes you up every so often with what sounds like a Skype dialtone floating miles above before allowing you to sink back down into his oh-so soft pillow of beats. "Kurma" (a Japanese Mountain—Oolong is a Japanese tea) is slightly grittier by comparison. Its bassline grinds as much as it rolls, and there's a tension in each bar that contrasts with the decidedly detached, dreamy aura of the flip.
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      A Kurama B Oolong High