Junior Boys - You'll Improve Me Remixes

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  • "You'll Improve Me" is the latest single from Junior Boys' It's All True album earlier this year. It's also the home to yet another one of those ubiquitous Caribou remixes which seem to come along every few months. The last—Snaith's take on Virgo Four's "It's a Crime"—was an epic, eight minute dance floor bomb, whereas this new one is, well, an epic, eight minute dance floor bomb. Initially it's all globular synth sounds, dripping, dropping and bleeding into the mix from all directions as the original's vocal lurks in the shadows. Just before the halfway mark a woodpecker pulse plots a growing rhythm before silvery percussion and drums come in, fleshing out the whole thing until, eventually, it's a dazzling pop jam. There's one more twist, though, because the final third sounds taut and tortured, as if decaying back to the nothingness from which it came. Pioneering UK garage duo Spencer Edwards and Dean Boylan, AKA Dem 2, contribute the other re-rub. It's less ambitious, but no less infectious, with darting cutlery-falling-out-of-a-drawer percussion shooting in all directions and slicing up the deep, rumbling bassline that scurries along below.
  • Tracklist
      01. You'll Improve Me (Caribou Remix) 02. You'll Improve Me 03. You'll Improve Me (Dem 2 Remix)