Joel Alter - Rules of Love EP

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  • Following on from the ill-received, tracky tech offerings of Mr G, Bass Culture seemed to be slipping. Perhaps in response, boss man D'Julz has pulled a masterstroke by enlisting deep house and techno types Joel Alter and DJ Qu for his next release. Necessarily, Alter goes a little more direct to the dance floor than on his magnificent Mod album (alongside Jonsson on Kontra-Musik), but between the organised beats, his loose and organic style still prevails. Also intertwined into "Rules of Love" are the soulful spoken word musings of Eric D Clark: His mutterings roll alongside a tranquilized horn line and a supple groove which grows ever more prominent until the understated breakdown. When everything comes back in and the groove engages once more, it's deep but well aerated. "Closer 2 Me" is immediately more up, with prominent hand claps dragging rolling beats and gentle chord prods. Despite the increased tempo, it's still a snug slice of deep house shrouded in a warming, edge-softening mistiness. DJ Qu's first remix of "Rules" shimmers from start to finish, moving in toward you then pulling away just as quickly. Really, it's all about repetition and the micro-evolution of his loops, with an oppressive tension never letting up throughout. Qu's second effort raises its head out of the murky depths somewhat, with dubby basslines and circling synths flowing round each other sans even the slightest sense of friction for six hypnotic minutes.
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      A1 Rules Of Love B1 Rules Of Love (DJ Qu Remix 1) B2 Rules Of Love (DJ Qu Remix 2)