Ian O'Donovan - Redemption EP

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  • Even those who like their music sparse will probably be awed by just how many instruments Ian O'Donovan has managed to cram into "Redemption," the A-side on his latest record. There's nothing particularly clever about the way each one is introduced, but the resulting synergy is quite remarkable. Impersonating piano at first, a simple synth loop opens the proceedings. It quickly moves to a harsher twang, ushering in a gravelly clap and a second posse of hi-hats, this time more ragged. Foundations in place, O'Donovan shows just how large and gleaming a tower he can build. A trilling arp and bright-hued piano are vital here, but it's a series of singing strings which make the biggest impression, glancing in and out of the mix like a shimmering school of fish. All three elements move with frantic intensity, and thus so does the track itself. If that sounds a bit too silly, "Relieve" should provide some err...relief. It's just as pretty, but far less cloying. The jaunty bassline is one of the most interesting bits, chiming in only on every second bar. This is a strong anchor around which the other elements—again overwhelmingly cheerful—rally. Like the A-side, it's pretty simple structurally, but the Irishman's fizzing arps and mellifluous synths ensure the heady atmosphere never wanes.
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      A Redemption B Relieve