Slackk - Polar Bear

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  • Liverpool's Paul "Slackk" Lynch is the definition of a man you can get behind. Before releasing music, his focus was Grimetapes, an online archive of pirate radio recordings. He then started building some of the hardest UK house around, releasing on Numbers and more recently, debuted a new alias, Patrice & Friends, for a buttery sex-juke odyssey titled Cashmere Sheets. Oh, and he's got no qualms in taking shots at big names via Twitter. "Polar Bear," a new single for the endearingly unfocussed label Unknown to the Unknown, finds Slackk turning his attention to the music that's presumably always inspired him most, synth-driven grime at 140 BPM. The majority of the track consists of springy kicks, bursts of factory line claps that sound mechanical but not harsh and square wave basslines in Wiley's classic "eski" mould. As far as Slackk's production goes, it's a notable step up. It's also his most melodically strong single to date, the two synth-lines complementing each other more with every listen, snaking around one another and reflecting each other as they glide. It's a single designed for winter, but after a few rounds with it, you'll be struggling to get it out of your head come summer.
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      01. Polar Bear 02. Polar Bear (Murlo Re-E-Mix)