Endless - Connection EP

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  • From its portentous, chasmic opening you know what you're going to get with this collaborative effort between Perc and Giorgio Gigli. There's a primitive, industrial ambience that infuses the three tracks on this EP, which on the one hand envelopes, and on the other batters. The first adjective that comes to mind is trance. It's as if the machines are in control and nothing else. Each of the lead tracks embodies similar moods and feelings, but there's a subtle shift of emphasis from piece to piece. Listen to the tunes in the order presented and one is conscious of a rise in clarity: The murkiness and drive of "Synchronizing" gives way to the bassier "Varying Paths" which in turn surrenders to the battery of "Clearing." The tools predictably strip things down, but certainly aren't the functional throwaway items such things often are, and shade in some areas left barren by the originals. Moreover, the "Varying Paths" (Tool) bears little resemblance to the original, being a collection of jarring, frequency-inspired swathes of sound. The balance of power on this release seems to have been tipped the way of Gigli though, as his influence is the one most felt.
  • Tracklist
      01. Synchronizing 02. Varying Paths 03. Clearing 04. Synchronizing (Tool) 05. Varying Paths (Tool) 06. Clearing (Tool)