Maceo Plex - High & Sexy EP

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  • With 18 years DJing and making music—albeit predominantly techno—Valencia-residing Texan Eric "Maceo Plex" Estornel is hardly an overnight success story. But his transformation into one of house music's most reliable names makes him one of the more intriguing producers of recent times. Sealing the switch from techno to emotional, deep, soulful house, Estornel has now started his own label, and kicked it off with one of his own productions. First up is "Stay High Baby," which begins with a portentous heavy synth hum, before a complex, snake-hipped bassline kicks in and we head into Maceo's world of sensual lyrics, clipped guitars and rasping deep keyboard licks. After the breakdown, it rattles towards a satisfying climax of Detroit-ish stabbed synths. "Ain't That Love" suffers in comparison; slung around a dark funk, motorik groove and laid over with a complex set of melodies, it's more of a slightly melancholic DJ tool in contrast to the lead track's peak-time exuberance.
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      A Stay High Baby B Ain't That Love