Pest - Necessary Measures

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  • I'll not be needing my book of genres for this one! The first 'necessary measure' when listening to Pest is to throw the musical windows wide open and be prepared for any sound, any rhythm, any texture, as this fresh faced debut album unfolds. There's some breathtakingly original music here. For starters there's 'Chicken Spit' and 'Duke Kerb Crawler', full of funk and with more catchy hooks than you can shake a stick at. 'St Pest' is surprisingly tender, using a classically-orientated sample but with an impish wink, then 'Dr Umz' is an outrageously breezy, funky hip hop cut with energetic rapping and hilarious lyrics about pharmaceutical products and the Phantom Menace. 'Moody Hoe' is everything but the kitchen sink, a great set of musical styles with brass, cool synth chords and morefunky rhythms thrown in. Don't miss this record, it's a hugely entertaining and highly inventive album, one that you'll be returning to again and again.It hasn't left my stereo yet!