Franck Roger & Mandel Turner - After All

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  • What do you get when two house guys team up for a record? House, house and more...well, you get the idea. This is the kind of intensely vocal stuff that Defected have been releasing for ten years or more. On the A-side, the words "keep on searching" intone repeatedly, with rustling cymbals, glancing hits of electric piano and cheerful bleeps propping it up from below. That last element could have been sampled from Maya Jane Coles' "What They Say" and pitched up; it's that similar. "The Sun Will Shine" uses the same tricks, but this time the piano hits are detuned, making them a touch more sinister and darkening the mood overall. There's nothing wrong with covering a bit of old ground―many of us are retro fetishists, in fact―but even when this type of music was fresh, there was never much scope for innovation. It doesn't matter how well put-together it is, After All sounds exactly like hundreds of EPs that have come before it.
  • Tracklist
      01. After All 02. After All (Instrumental) 03. The Sun Will Shine 04. The Sun Will Shine (Dub)