Various Artists - 053 EP

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  • Even Diynamic's detractors would probably admit that the label has done as much for tech house as anybody in the business over the past few years. Diynamic 053, a mini-compilation, shows that they still have a little way to go when the tech part is dropped. All five tracks are sound enough, employing chunky, attention-hogging basslines. It's moments of trackiness that drag the record down, however. It feels mean to criticise a record that's pretty decent, but the questionable use of vocals bears mention, as your mileage will surely vary. In "The L Way," B.P. Johnson's effect-pumped wailing frequently overwhelms with sheer volume, while in "Brother's Keepers," an old Dave Lee sample feels clumsily integrated. This wouldn't be too bad a gripe, but for the fact that it's the track's absolute centrepiece, only a gritty bass twang and basic percs competing for attention. The anaemic singers that back "Smiling Faces" are none too impressive, either. The track's dreamy plucks could probably shine better alone. Last, the spooky "Touch Me" is likely to polarise with its androgynous moaning. All that out of the way, there's little to complain about. Seriously. The synth work in "The L Way" is as good as you're likely to find, with multiple sequences sparkling coherently together. Similarly, the Moroder-esque pads and "Der Mückenschwarm"-ish arp in "Touch Me" are wholly attractive. "Feelings" and "Smiling Faces" aren't devoid of melodic spark either. In the former, rapid guitar work ties in nicely with everything else, while in the latter, bleary chord washes form a perfect companion for the aforementioned plucks. Only the simplistic "Brother's Keepers" is truly disappointing, which is probably why it's been excluded from the physical release.
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      A1 Thyladomid & Adriatique feat. B.P. Johnson - The L Way A2 Hunter/Game - Touch Me B1 NTFO - Feelings B2 APP - Smiling Faces Digital: Liem - Brothers Keeper