Cottam - Deep Deep Down

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  • Some people bask in the adoration and fame that making music affords them, while others prefer to lurk in the shadows, head buried into a MacBook or mixer. Paul Cottam is the latter kind of guy. Having left behind a promising music career early on to concentrate on raising a family, he's now returned to his first vocation with great success (kids now at school, see). His trademark is a brand of slow-burning acidic techno, nu-disco and fluid house with an emphasis on crisp, teak-tough beats, testimony to his love of producers like Mark E and The Revenge. "Deep Deep Down" is very much of game of two halves, opening up with squiggling acid twirls, waves of emo-synths and Kerri Chandler-ish percussion. Then, midway through, the acid influence begins to ebb and flow, as the track morphs into rich, slo-mo house. Ukrainian producer Vakula snips away at the tougher parts of the original to leave a spacey, techy remix that pings and pops like an early Soyuz spacecraft. The third member of the package, "Twang" is a more straightforward, shuffling, dark house affair; built around a re-recorded vocal excerpt from Dennis Edwards' soul classic, "Don't Look Any Further," it features a spanking bassline and evil-sounding buzzsaw melody propelled along by a popping, fizzing rhythm track.
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      A Deep Deep Down B1 Deep Deep Down (Vakula Remix) B2 Twang