Aerea Negrot - It's Lover, Love (Remixes)

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  • Just when is a remix package an album? Never, it seems, if Aérea Negrot's It's Lover, Love is anything to go by. But fork out for all seven mixes here and you're paying album prices anyway. Does it matter? Not in our digital world, although the vinyl version only features the first three remixes here. It kicks off with the one that will garner the lion's share of interest. Ricardo Villalobos' elephantine remix of the Venezuelan singer's "Miss You" takes the briefest snatch of vocal, and pulls it in and out of the mix. Across nearly 14 minutes of cantering, stripped-out, left-leaning 125 BPM tech house, Villalobos adds successive layers of instrumentation. It starts with a metronomic ping, to which is added subtle, avant-garde synth reports, then slapped percussion elements, hints of a melody, whistling snares… on and on it goes until a minute or so shy of the halfway mark we're all present and correct for the track's remainder. Yes, it's gargantuan and impressive in its girth. But—and I'll be probably accused of philistinism here—you could trim three or four minutes off and still be left with something as imposing. Of the remaining remixes across the piece, the star turn is by Berlin-based Swedish/Spanish duo Dance Disorder. They strap the original of "It's Lover, Love" to a disco rocket and fire it back to the mid-'70s. With a throbbing, Moroder-ish rhythm track as propulsion, it's peppered with Tropicalia percussion and distant dubby echoes; it's an irresistible eight minute techno-disco groove. Philip Bader gives the title track a bouncy house makeover, while Kiki provides two hypno-house takes. Villalobos may hog the limelight, but Dance Disorder win the day.
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      01. Miss You (Ricardo Villalobos Mix) 02. Its Lover, Love (Philip Bader Remix) 03. Its Lover, Love (Kiki Emotional Game Remix) 04. Its Lover, Love (Kiki Instrumental Game Remix) 05. Its Lover, Love (Dance Disorder Remix) 06. Deutsche Werden (Fata Kiefer Remix) 07. Its Lover, Love