Robag Wruhme - Donnerkuppel

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  • Gabor Schablitzki has made some pretty quirky music over the years. In contrast, Thora Vukk—his LP from earlier this year—was a pretty serious endeavour, constructed with graceful synthesis and carefully gathered field recordings. By most accounts, producing albums can be a stressful and/or frustrating affair. And thus, as often seems to be the case for the first record after, Donnerkuppel sounds like an artist revelling in freedom again. Unashamedly hooky, it's one of those tracks that lodges itself into the brain upon first listen. The kind that some DJs will jump at the chance to play in every set. The riff is catchy and euphoric, while the intros and outros are synthless and mix-friendly. Some will love its simplicity, others will hate it. After all, the only thing going on besides the faintly tropical synthwork is tiny, whirring syncopation. "Wemmel" is slightly similar but much more sensible. Schablitzki's quirkiness is expressed here via the track's foundation; an Amen break-style drum loop. On the top, weird groans and squeaks are splattered throughout, while the similarity to the A-side comes from the lead synth. This time, however, it's wistful rather than ecstatic. Last, the gorgeous "Pulch Dutto" seems a bit out of place. Clocking in at just three minutes long, its Burial-like vocals and clinking percussion make it sound like a rejected "Brücke," the small interludes on Thora Vukk.
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      A Donnerkuppel B1 Wemmel B2 Polch Dutto