Marcel Dettmann - Deluge

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  • While there is certainly variety in Marcel Dettmann's music, it doesn't really have much of a range: his productions are pretty difficult to call anything other than techno at its purest and simplest. What makes one Dettmann tune different from the next—what makes this stuff imminently collectible and not particularly interchangeable—is its context, whether that's a product of the label that's releasing it, the track it's remixing or the first time you heard it in the mix. It's a case of the former with Dettmann's latest, and it's what makes this release an especially tantalizing one at the onset: issued forth by the always-surprising 50 Weapons imprint (run by longtime Dettmann admirers Modeselektor), the two tracks on offer here are primed to be some of the most party-guaranteed in the Dark Prince of Techno's oeuvre, though objectively speaking they don't venture very far from the territory he's long claimed for himself. Quick in length and in tempo, both sides boom and zap and snip (and will certainly put soundsystems to the test while doing so), nibbling piranha-like at all feet on the dance floor. "Deluge" in particular makes for a journey, albeit one on quite a small scale, shrinking down and swelling up with a fervor that even the most ardent chinstroker will be hard-pressed to deny. Again, little about Dettmann has changed here—his tunes for his own MDR label in particular feel of a piece with these bad boys—but the fact that they can coexist with the likes of Anstam and FaltyDL reveals a depth to the producer that might not otherwise be evident.
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      A Deluge B Duel